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Social Work

Advisors: Professor Radis

The Dorothy Baker Johnson and Raymond R. Day Social Work Program, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1982, is designed primarily to prepare students for beginning professional practice in the field following successful completion of the undergraduate requirements. An important secondary objective of the program is preparation for graduate education in social work and related areas of study.

Students who seek professional competence in assisting individuals, families, groups, and communities in solving human problems develop Programs of Emphasis which reflect an interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate study. A foundation of courses from the natural and social sciences is combined with specific courses in social work practice and social welfare policy. Such a program also allows the student to focus on a particular area of inquiry (e.g., health care, criminal justice, families and children, developmental disabilities, etc.) that may complement the social work interest.

Of great importance to the social work student is Juniata's Social Work Professional Semester. In cooperation with social service agencies representing many areas of social work (e.g., medical, criminal justice, drug and alcohol, developmental disabilities, aging, family and children, etc.), the internship is organized to provide senior students with an educational opportunity to integrate and apply the skills, knowledge, and values mastered in the classroom with the daily tasks of the social worker in the field.

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