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Program of Emphasis (POE)

More than 23 percent of Juniata graduates elect to develop an individualized POE. Students are encouraged to select the POE format that best serves their needs.

The Program of Emphasis (POE) is Juniata's unique approach to focused education in an academic area of a student's choosing. Somewhat similar to a traditional "major," the POE consists of up to half of the total degree and is an opportunity for students to explore in depth a particular discipline or to craft an interdisciplinary plan to study an area. With advisors' help, students draft a POE goal statement, identify classes, and develop rationale for their program.   They are:

Designated - A POE of 45-63 credits. Designated POEs have been proposed by a department or program and approved by the Curriculum committee. No student rationale is required.

Individualized - A POE of 45-63 credits designed by the student in consultation with faculty advisors. Individualized POEs are intended to meet particular student needs with unique combinations of courses. Approval requires students to write a rationale that describes how the courses they have listed help them reach the academic goals of the POE.

Secondary Emphases will not be a part of the POE; they will have a separate status, separate paperwork, and will be recorded separately on the student's transcript.  For each department, a secondary emphasis description can be found on the department's website.  The general guideline is: 18 credits with at least 6 of them are upper level.

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