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Law: 3+3 Program

Advisor: Professor Barlow

The pre-legal student should seek a broad undergraduate experience in the liberal arts. Students interested in law should have a thorough command of English, an extensive background in research methods, skill and experience in developing logical arguments, and a critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals. They are strongly encouraged to develop proficiency in another language and to study abroad. Juniata also offers courses in conflict resolution, a growing field in the legal profession. Although students may develop any Program of Emphasis which suits their particular talents and interests, the experience of others indicates that English, history, politics, American studies, and economics are the most common programs of students entering law schools.

In addition to helping students through the process of applying to law school, the prelaw adviser assists with course selections that will fulfill their POE goals while providing them with appropriate skills for the study of law. In addition, he helps to provide students with resources to prepare for the LSAT and helps to arrange internships that allow students to explore the legal field while they are in college. Students should plan to take the LSAT in the fall of the senior year and apply to law school by mid-January.

A special arrangement with the Duquesne University School of Law allows students to apply for admission to the Law School after three years of undergraduate study, allowing them to complete their degrees in six rather than seven years. Students must have an LSAT score that puts them at or above the 75th percentile, and a GPA of 3.36 or better.

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