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Health Professions

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Health Professions Advisors: Professors Peter Baran, Kathy Baughman, Randy Bennett, James Borgardt, Daniel Dries, Jay Hosler, Kathy Jones, Jill Keeney, Susan Radis, Wade Roberts, and David Widman; Director of Career Services Darwin Kysor; Director of Academic Support Services Sarah Clarkson, and Assistant Director of the Library Julie Woodling; and Director of the Health Professions Program Amanda Siglin.

Health Professions Assistant: Susan LaVere

In the area of health professions, Juniata has an impressive array of formal affiliations to:

Formal Affiliations in Health professions

We offer advising for entry into professional and graduate school training in such fields as Art Therapy, Audiology, Biotechnology, Chiropractic, Cytotechnology, Dentistry, Genetic Counseling, Health Administration, Health Communication, Social Work with a Focus in Medicine/Behavioral health, , Medical Technology, Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Podiatric Medicine, Public Health, Radiologic Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. Students interested in a career in the health professions must meet the specific requirements for admission to a professional school. Since these vary from school to school, the students consult with a member of the Health Professions Committee as they prepare their courses so that students not only have an excellent chance of acceptance into professional schools, but also receive a breadth of knowledge that provides a firm foundation for their liberal arts education.

Students gain in-depth exposure to the health sciences through various types of opportunities that include internships at various health care facilities and universities, shadowing of local health professionals, health-related course work, participation in our Rural Health Rotations class, participation in the Primary Care Scholars Program offered by the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at Hershey, and/or various research opportunities on and off campus.

Juniata offers exceptional preparation for students interested in rural medicine through our Rural Health Care Issues and Rural Health Rotations courses, opportunities for shadowing at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, a summer internship at Altoona Regional Health System and winter break programs at Altoona Regional and Geisinger Health Systems. We also have an Early Assurance Program for premedical students applying to Temple University School of Medicine that involves clinical training in the third and fourth years at Geisinger in Danville, Pennsylvania. In addition, our rural health care courses introduce students to the integrative medical model, an emerging paradigm in the U.S. health care system that combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies.

To assist students for professional school applications we offer an on-campus, faculty led Admission Exam Prep Course, personal statement writing workshops, and interview training.

In addition, as a result of a bequest by a Juniata alumnus and physician, there is a four year Lawrence Johnson Scholarship at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry for Juniata premedical students.

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