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Study Abroad

Carolyn Gibson, International Education Advisor, Study Abroad

Juniata encourages study abroad as an integral component of a liberal arts education. A variety of study abroad programs is available, including offerings for the full academic year, one semester, and short-term programs, many of which are led by Juniata professors. While year-long language immersion programs in which a student continues to study in the Program of Emphasis are the optimal, study abroad experiences offered at Juniata provide students opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Juniata students can study abroad on every continent (except Antarctica), in the following countries: Africa (the Gambia, Morocco, Rwanda), Asia (China, India, Japan, Taiwan), Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom), North America (Canada, Mexico), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), and South America (Ecuador). Juniata supports Direct Enroll/ Exchange (EXC), and Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) programs; some of these are Limited Enrollment (LE). A complete list of programs and their requirements can be found at:


Students with Programs of Emphasis from all academic departments are eligible for approved study abroad programs, following the guidance of their faculty advisers to maintain academic progress. In Juniata approved programs, credits and grades will be indicated on the Juniata transcript. In all approved programs (except summer), Juniata financial aid is applicable, including grants-in-aid and scholarships. Students pay the regular Juniata tuition and fees for the semester and year programs and all financial aid and scholarships apply (tuition benefit involves special tuition arrangements; students can obtain information from the Center for International Education. PAR rates are not applicable to study abroad). A number of scholarships are also available specifically for study abroad (see for complete list). The student is responsible for the passport, visa and airline tickets to program sites. Summer and short-term programs have specific fee structures; these are provided with the program information.


In each program, Juniata students are accepted into each host institution on a full-time basis and are treated as regular members of the student body, attending classes, writing papers, taking exams, etc., side-by-side with their counterparts in the host institution. In most programs, classes are conducted in the language of the host country; in others, (e.g., Czech Republic) classes are in English and the student also takes a class in the language of the host country to facilitate adjustment. Supervision for the student is provided by the host institution; in many BCA programs, there is a resident director whose sole responsibility is overseeing the program.


Occasionally, a student may desire to enroll in a non-Juniata program. Such programs must be offered by accredited U.S. colleges or universities or involve direct enrollment in an approved university outside the U.S. In either case, credit earned may be transferable to Juniata under the usual policies and requirements for the acceptance of transfer credit. To enter these programs, students need prior approval of the Dean of the Center for International Education, the Registrar, and the Dean of Students. Juniata grants-in-aid are not transferable to programs sponsored by other institutions. Procedures for receiving aid such as outside loans and grants are specific; students should consult the Director of Financial Planning. Credits from non-Juniata programs are entered on the Juniata transcript as transfer credits; grades are not indicated



Study Abroad Scholarships


Juniata offers a number of scholarships that are designated specifically for study abroad (see for complete list).




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