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Educated persons are prepared for lifelong learning, for continually dealing with changing perceptions and new bodies of knowledge. Beyond facts which become out-dated, they ask intelligent questions, to make informed decisions, and to think confidently for themselves.

Educated persons are capable of regulating their own lives, not only with regard to decisions made in vocational contexts, but within the larger contexts of their lives as citizens and social beings. An institution in the liberal arts tradition must take as its goal not only provision of the best possible career training, but also provision of the skills and knowledge graduates need to make contributions to the total community. At Juniata, we believe the procedures of acquiring an education are an important part of the educational process. Therefore, certain educational decisions are made by each student using the information provided by faculty advisors and the intellectual skills developed during the first few semesters at the College.

Educated persons should be able to think independently about intellectual and moral issues. Juniata's program is designed, therefore, to promote and develop the habits of mind and communications skills needed to make and implement decisions. Students wrestle with profound issues of human values, not only as dealt with in the past, but as they affect current thinking in a student's chosen field.

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