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Degree Completion Programs

The Degree Completion programs are designed for Juniata College students who are not GPA deficient and wish to complete the requirements to earn aJuniata degree.

How you can reapply:

The readmission process requires the students contact the Dean of Students Office for readmission for degree seeking status. These students do not enter through Enrollment admissions as they are not first time degree seeking students. Once they have been cleared by the Dean of Students records for any behavioral sanctions, they are forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for re-admittance.

Walker Program:

Students who have not completed their Walker requirements and/or who are returning fulltime to complete their degree:

Completion Program:

It is designed for those former students who need to earn 30 semester credits or less to meet their degree requirements.

Students may transfer in credits if the student has not exhausted the current transfer credit policy. A $300.00 administrative fee is applied when accepted into the program.

Deadlines to apply for readmission to Juniata in the Degree Completion program:

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