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Be a Good Neighbor

Residential Life

Be a Good Neighbor: Living in the Huntingdon Community


You have been granted permission to live off-campus in the Huntingdon community.  Living in the community is a valuable experience towards transitioning to the “real world”.  It is also a challenge.  With this opportunity comes responsibility.  You now have obligations to Juniata College and to your neighbors.



Some suggestions for being a responsible citizen and a good neighbor:



Additional suggestions:





Social Functions and Parties


Be responsible hosts as it relates to parking, noise and littering.  Only have social gatherings on the weekends and abide by the law.  Have safe and problem-free parties.






Temporary residents have the same rights as permanent residents.  You can expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as you give to your neighbor.


Juniata College and the Borough of Huntingdon want you to feel welcomed as a member of the community.  Be a positive member of the community and have a positive experience.  Be a good neighbor.

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