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Baker Refectory, located on the main floor of Ellis College Center, is the dining hall for students on the board meal plans. All students residing in college housing are required to select from meal plan options A through F. All first semester freshman students must select a 21 meal plan option (either Plan A or Plan B). The options are as follows:

Only residents of Mission, Pink, Hess Apartments, 2111 Cold Springs Road, 1731 Mifflin Street, 1631 Mifflin Street, and other students not residing in college housing are eligible to select from Plans G and H. Any other exceptions to meal plan options must have the prior approval of the Dean of Students. A "missed meal" factor is taken into account in determining the charges for the various board plans and helps reduce the price. No refund is made for meals missed.

The declining balance dollars (DCB dollars) can be spent in the Muddy Run Café. Muddy Run features fast food menu items and is open to the general public as well as the students. Declining Balance dollars may not be carried from one academic year to the next. Moneys from the DCB account may also be used by the students to pay for any guests they bring to the dining hall.

The dining room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week in accordance with the college Calendar. Students may select from assorted entrees (including vegetarian selections at each meal) and a grill/pizza line with no limit on the number of portions; however, no food may be taken from the dining room. The college ID card must be presented to gain admittance to the dining room and reasonable restaurant attire (including shirt and shoes) is required.

The Dining Service Office should be notified of any special dietary needs as prescribed by a physician and efforts will be made to accommodate requests. The procedures for obtaining a food service waiver are: submit the diet prescribed by a physician to the Dean of Students Office (a doctor’s note simply requesting release will not suffice). The diet will be reviewed. The student will be notified of the decision in writing.

A catering staff is available for special functions and arrangements can be made through the Dining Service Office.

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