Policy Handbook

Administrative Department Assessment and Planning Process

Juniata College’s Administrative Department

Assessment and Planning Process

Revised - August 2011

The periodic Administrative Department Assessment and Planning Process will be conducted once in approximately each five year period.

 The assessment will strive to answer the general questions – Does the department set and achieve annual objectives that advance the strategic objectives of the College?  Does it reasonably address its and the college’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?  Does it do so in a cost-efficient manner with a work culture that reflects the “Leadership Philosophy” of the College?  Is there clear evidence of its achievements that is used to promote continuous improvement?

The planning product is intended to address the following areas – What changes in culture are needed to promote more fully the “Leadership Philosophy”?  What programmatic changes are to be undertaken to improve efficiency and effectiveness?  What additional human and capital resources are needed to capitalize on strengths and to seize opportunities or to compensate for weaknesses and to avoid risks?  What changes in feedback and measurement will promote more effective organization of the work?  What are the assignments and timelines relevant to achieve the outcomes sought by the plan?





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