Policy Handbook

Public Address

Policy for Public Address Announcers, Music Selections and Game-Ops during Juniata College Athletic Contests

Announcers at Juniata Athletics Contests are retained as adjuncts of the College Communications and Sports Information staffs.  When possible an effort will be made to acquire a professional announcer with experience in announcing contests for a particular sport but it is recognized that this will not be possible in many circumstances.  The sports information office will assist the announcer before and during a contest by providing appropriate rosters, important information, interesting notes about each team, announcements about other Juniata Athletics events, and timely statistics during the ongoing contest.

The announcer adds to the environment of the athletic contest by introducing players and providing play-by-play information to help fans follow the action.  The announcer must act in a professional manner.  Specifically, the announcer should speak with clarity and enthusiasm.  The announcer must avoid words or tone that could incite crowd anger toward players, coaches or officials.  The announcer’s job is to enhance the environment of competition, but he or she should never overshadow the events on the field or on the court.  Support the show without trying to become the show.

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