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Practice and Facilities Scheduling


I.   Introduction:

This policy defines guidelines for our team practices, competition and general training.  Primarily it is to guard the well being of our student athletes.  We also want to give our training room staff, equipment manager, sports information staff, and game supervisors some ability to protect their non-professional lives.  To accomplish all this, we must organize our assets to achieve the highest possible levels of excellence for Juniata College athletic teams.  It is understood that outdoor teams generally have their own spaces and have priority on their outdoor facilities but they are subject to weather related difficulties.  Indoor sports have priority on indoor facilities but must share these spaces with other indoor teams.  Collegiality within policy is paramount to making it all work.

This policy operates within the following parameters:

II. Guidelines and policies for low-risk practices or training sessions where a trainer need not be present.  In no particular order, here are guidelines that will be in place.

Low risk practice activities should be approved in advance by the Head Trainer.  A number of risk factors would include but are certainly not limited to:  the velocity of potential collisions; the ballistic potential of any equipment used such as bats, sticks or balls; any circumstance that may potentially contribute to head injury; and the risk of sprain or cutting type injuries.

III. Guidelines and policies for practices under normal conditions within traditional and non-traditional seasons.

IV. Facility and Practice Policy

In Normal Circumstances, where conditions have not been declared dangerous by the trainer, the following priorities exist for varsity sports scheduling within standard practice time slots (weekdays from 4:00 – 6:15 and 6:30 – 8:45).

Within any of these categories, using the following criteria sets priority:

*Note that with regard to the IM Gym, baseball, softball and track and tennis will be considered “indoor sports” during their traditional seasons only through Spring Break (though these same teams will have practice priority on mezzanine spaces year round).  In any case, it is to be understood that should weather and field conditions allow for outdoor play, then practices should be conducted outdoors.  

In the event of Dangerous and Inclement Weather (i.e. lightning), the following guidelines will be followed in determining usage of indoor facilities.  These guidelines apply only when outdoor practices are cancelled by the Head or Assistant Athletic Trainer.  In the event of inclement but playable weather, priority reverts to the rules set forth in the above section.

Priorities for Same-Day Pre-3:00 Cancellation

Football would always fit a 75-minute (unless there are no other practices scheduled within that time) practice into the 4:00 – 6:30 time slot.

Priority Order of Gym Use (when trainer has canceled practices due to dangerous conditions):

Priorities for In-Practice Cancellation

Any conflicts will be resolved by the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator or, in that person’s absence, the Athletic Director, the Assistant Athletic Director, or S.W.A.  Cancellations for practice and assigned practice times will be communicated through the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator.

General Practice Policy, Courtesy and Collegiality

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