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Objectives and Responsibilities

Objectives and Responsibilities

 JuniataCollege Athletics Mission

JuniataCollege's commitment to athletics is explicitly linked to the educational mission of the institution.  Juniata athletics emphasizes fair play and sportsmanship working in union with a high degree of competitiveness in all varsity programs.  Such competitiveness shall apply as well to the academic efforts of Juniata student-athletes.  Care shall be taken to assure the overall health and well being of students in and outside of the training and competitive arenas.  The dynamics of equitable and fair treatment of men and women within Juniata athletics will be constantly and thoroughly examined and pursued.

Juniata College Athletics Strives To:


Juniata College supports the philosophy of the National Collegiate Athletic Association:

To that end, the college places special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on spectators, and places greater emphasis on the internal constituency (students, alumni and special friends) than on the general public and its entertainment needs.

Juniata College Student Athlete Responsibilities

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