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Team Travel and Transportation

 Team Travel and Transportation Policy

Juniata College athletic teams typically travel to and from intercollegiate contests by charter busses, mini-busses or vans. Distance of travel, size of travel party and financial circumstances will determine the mode of transportation to be used for each contest.  Landmark and Centennial Conference travel will generally require charter bus transportation that is centrally negotiated and arranged through the athletics office.  Student-athletes are required to travel with the team, using college transport to and from all sport-related activities.  Permission may be granted to allow a student to travel back to campus or to a student’s home with a family member only after the proper waiver has been granted by the coach, parents and Athletic Director (see 6.a below).  And also as stated below, the Athletic Department requires that all athletics related driving be done by coaches or approved Juniata College personnel.   

When departing from or returning to campus in a college van or mini-bus for an event it is the coaches’ responsibility to record beginning and ending mileages (college fleet vehicles only).  Upon return to campus the head coach is responsible for assuring that all vehicles are clean of debris and personal belongings.  Boxes of garbage should be taken to the dumpster behind Ellis Hall (not left in front of the gym).  When returning college fleet vehicles to the proper parking lot the coach has a responsibility to fill gas tanks in preparation for the vehicle's next excursion, record ending mileage, and deposit mileage form, credit cards and keys to the designated slot located on the physical plant building.

Travel Conduct and Rules

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