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Mass E-mail

President's Office

The resources of EagleNet, Juniata's computer network, are provided to the Juniata College community for the purpose of furthering the goals of the College as set forth in the College mission statement. Thus the primary purpose of EagleNet is to support student development and the underlying administrative and support functions of the College.
Effective use of e-mail requires the cooperation of all members of the community. It is important that each member of the community be aware of individual obligations and what constitutes proper use.
This document is to be considered a part of the code of behavior of each student and employee of Juniata and as such is to be an implicit part of any student or employee handbook. The policy is subject to change. The current version is maintained on the College web site at http://services.juniata.edu/cts/forms/MassEmailPolicy.pdf. All members of the Juniata community are expected to remain familiar with all current policies.
Guidelines for Mass E-mail
A wide array of methods to communicate with campus constituencies is available to members of the Juniata community, including:
In general, e-mail should be directed at individuals and relatively small groups to minimize the negative impact on traffic supporting College operations. E-mail sent to distribution lists should contain information relevant to the majority of the members of that list and should be relevant to College business. Announcements, events, meeting notices, solicitations, items for sale, statements of opinion, and discussions are not generally considered to fit these criteria. The following guidelines are intended to provide clarity:
Rules for Mass E-mail
  1. Never send a mass e-mail by choosing everyone in the Global Address List. Always use a combination of the four major distribution lists (Administration, Faculty, HR-NonCollegeEmployees, and Students).
  2. Never use the reply-all command to respond to an announcement broadcast through a distribution list. If you want to comment on an announcement, reply directly to the sender.
  3. Never send more than two mass e-mails regarding the same subject. Mass e-mail is a powerful tool. Using it ensures that your e-mail is going to reach everyone on campus. 
  4. Do not place a mass e-mail at the ‘high importance’ level using the exclamation point unless it REQUIRES ALL individuals on campus to aware of the contents.
  5. Never use mass e-mail for personal announcements and opinions. Please use the forums site for campus discussions. It can be reached by logging onto the Arch (arch.juniata.edu) or by going directly to http://forums.juniata.edu.
  6. Do not allow anyone to have access to your e-mail account for any reason. It is each user’s responsibility to protect his/her account.
  7. Never use mass e-mail for personal business or commercial purposes.
  8. Make sure all information within the e-mail is accurate before sending it out to eliminate the need for re-sending corrections.
  9. Always include an applicable subject field. The subject should reflect directly on the contents of the e-mail.
  10. Avoid the use of extremely large fonts and using all capital letters.
In keeping with our liberal arts tradition, members of the campus community are expected to use good judgment when contemplating the use of mass e-mail, so approval by a College officer is not required. The Chief Information Officer and Campus Technology Services staff are available to provide guidance if needed. We encourage those anticipating the need to communicate with the entire campus, or with an entire subgroup, to contact us prior to sending the e-mail. Given the reality that a significant number of our community may not understand the policies, CTS will provide feedback if and when an infraction occurs:
The use of distribution lists by faculty and staff may be approved by the President, the Vice Presidents, the Director of Campus Security, or the Director of Human Resources prior to use. Student use may be approved by the Provost or the Dean of Students.  An e-mail posted to a distribution list that includes language indicating that an appropriate official approved the note in advance will not be questioned; however the appropriate guidelines should be observed.
How to Organize Your Mass E-mail
Mass e-mail can be organized or deleted as it reaches your inbox. For instructions visit the CTS Web Site at http://services.juniata.edu/cts/ and click on the Help Database Link (left hand side). Type ‘inbox rules’ in the Search box.

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