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Disaster Plan

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Disaster Plan


The most damaging and anticipated type of damage we can expect will mostly relate to water. In the case of fire, water damage will still result. Other types of damages and severe situations will likely require the kind of expertise which will need to be brought in from the outside. In the meantime therefore this Plan mostly relates to what to do in the event of water damage where immediate action that has been planned ahead is necessary.



When in doubt, freeze an item which has been damaged by water as quickly as possible.In case of water disaster for books:

In case of water damage for other materials:

Controlling Mold:

  1. Temperature below 70 F
  2. Relative Humidity – ideal 45-50 degrees, ok 50-60 degrees
  3. Turn on lights
  4. Remove any air duct blockages
  5. Clean heating exchange coils
  6. Clean air ducts
  7. Fix or eliminate mold at source
  8. Ventilate air to outside to avoid spreading mold to air ducts
  9. Do not automatically assume ozone is a solution to mold, ozone can accelerate the breakdown of paper that is highly acidic.

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