Policy Handbook


Ethical Recruiting


Ethical recruiting practices serve as the cornerstone of a college or university athletics program. At a Division III institution such as Juniata College, ethical recruiting enhances the reputation of the institution and complements the objectives of the Enrollment Office.  An athlete who has been appropriately recruited to Juniata College will recognize the benefits to be found at Juniata as a student and as an intercollegiate athlete.   First and foremost, the education he or she will receive is of the highest quality and will result in a variety of significant opportunities. The athletics experience will be competitive and enriching without compromising academic pursuits.


Recruited student-athletes deserve certain courtesies throughout the recruitment process. Their families are being asked to make significant financial commitments for four years and they are being asked to partner in their own development by making commitments to physical well-being, team goals, and time intensive training.  In essence, prospective student-athletes are being introduced to a role that carries the lofty expectations of being competitive in two time consuming arenas; academics and athletics. 


Coaches’ interactions with recruited student-athletes must be based on integrity and honesty.  Points of discussion during the recruiting process should include:

The focus of all recruiting contacts should be on the positive benefits of attending Juniata and participating on its athletics teams, therefore:


In the actual recruiting process, proper procedures and professionalism must be paramount, therefore:

After a student has decided to enroll at Juniata the coach should:

More often than not, contests are won and lost in the recruiting process.  The quality of the recruiting effort will influence the quality of student-athletes who ultimately attend Juniata.  Coaches who establish a reputation and practice of ethical recruiting enhance the reputation of their programs, themselves, and Juniata College.

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