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Hiring Procedures - Athletics

Hiring Procedures – Athletics

Human Resources

At the time a search is initiated, the Office of Human Resources is to be contacted.  Generally, there are several steps to be taken with the Office of Human Resources once a position is formally vacated (signed letter of resignation in hand) and a new opening approved.  These steps include:

Position Description

A position description is an official internal document that describes, in detail, the work of the position.  The position description is the official internal document that will guide the search process.  It should contain the following:

Job Announcement

The Job Announcement is the public document that is used to advertise and generate applicants for the position.   The purpose of the Job announcement is simply that – to “announce” the position – and should not be confused with the Position Description (though the Job Announcement should contain an abbreviated description of the position).  The Job Announcement should contain the following:

Typically, we will want to advertise in some, many or all the following locations:

The Hiring Official

The hiring official (usually will be: Lawrence R. Bock. AD when a head coach or staff position is being advertised; the head coach for any assistant coach positions) is the person to whom the eventual successful candidate will eventually report.  The hiring official is responsible for:

Chair of the Search Committee

The Chair of the Search Committee should be selected by the hiring official as early in the process as possible.  The duties of the Chair will vary depending on the position and the charge to the committee but will generally include the following:

The Search Committee

A search committee generally includes from 5-9 members and represent various constituencies from around campus, including both internal (Enrollment, Faculty, Administration, Coaching Staff, Student Athletes) and external representatives (such as alumni, J-Club members, etc).  The committee should reflect appropriate gender representation.  The duties of the search committee should include the following:

Administrative Assistant (optional)

The Administrative Assistant to the Search Committee should support the work of the committee members and chair including:

The Administrative Assistant should not be involved in the deliberations regarding the actual search though he/she should be present at the search committee meetings.

Application Review and Selection of Semifinalists.

Preliminary Interviews of Semi-finalists and Selection of Finalists.

Once the semi-finalists are identified, the search committee should interview each remaining candidate in a preliminary or pre-screening fashion, either by telephone conference call or in one-on-one calls by selected members of the committee.  The purpose of preliminary interviews is to further reduce the list of candidates under consideration and to isolate those semi-finalists who may not have a realistic interest in the position.  The ideal number of finalists we would like to eventually select for on-campus interviews is 3-4.

The preliminary, pre-screening interview should include a prescribed set of identical questions asked of each candidate.  Individual members of the search committee should ask the same or reasonably similar questions in each interview.  After the conclusion of preliminary interviews, (ideally) 3-4 finalists should be selected by the search committee.  Those semi-finalists not advancing to finalist status should be notified by phone that they are no longer being considered for the position.  These calls should be made by the chair of the search committee.

Campus interviews

The chair of the search committee will contact the finalists and invite them to the campus for an interview.  Arrangements (transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, interview schedule, expenses, etc.) for each trip will be made by the chair, committee member or by an administrative assistant in consultation with the Chair and HR.  The candidate should not have to spend any of his or her money during their trip except for incidentals (gratuities, etc).  The chair or administrative assistant should collect expense information from each candidate during the course of their interview day so that they may be reimbursed promptly.

While on campus, the candidate should meet with:

Each group or individual who meets with the respective finalist candidates should have an opportunity to provide feedback to the committee via a questionnaire.

Due Diligence

During the time the candidate is on campus or shortly before/thereafter the chair of the search committee, the chair should manage the due diligence portion of the search process.  Either personally, through the Administrative Assistant or committee members, all the following should be collected and researched:

Making a Recommendation and hire.

After completion of all interviews (and possibly follow-up second interviews), the search committee should rank the finalists and make a recommendation to the hiring official (AD or Coach).   The hiring official then assumes responsibility for obtaining authorizations from the Dean and/or Provost, making an offer, arranging for negotiating a contract and working with the Sports Information Director.  All unsuccessful candidates should be notified at the time a contract has been negotiated.  Press releases may be done only after a contract has been signed and the required background check has cleared HR.

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