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Academic Responsibilities for Athletes and Coaches

Academic Responsibilities for Athletes and Coaches

Juniata College recognizes that a wide range of experiences contribute to the education of a student and encourages students to seek educational and experiential opportunities which are not available in traditional college courses.  At the same time, the institution upholds the primacy of the academic program.  There is no necessary conflict between these two objectives.  In order to accommodate extra-curricular activities, the provost encourages faculty members to avoid scheduling single sections of classes in the 4 to 8 p.m. time period.  In addition, faculty should not re-schedule classes or laboratories without compelling academic reasons.  This policy addresses responsibilities and priorities when a conflict occurs between an academic course and an extra-curricular activity.

I.  Examples of Extra-curricular Activities Addressed by this Policy

II. Responsibilities of the coach:

III. Responsibilities of the student-athlete:

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