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Bailey Oratorical


Choose from five designated POEs in communication, health communication, digital media, conflict management or integrative media arts. Or, create your own. The theories and practices to understand interpersonal, intercultural and mass communication, as well as rhetoric, will provide you with a sound foundation for many careers.

Get Involved:

  • American Society of Journalists and Authors
  • Communication and Media Club
  • Juniata College Emergency and Medical Services
  • The Juniatian
  • Kvasir Literary Magazine
  • National Association of Broadcasters
  • National Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Public Relations Society of America
  • Radio-Television News Directors Association
  • WKVR 92-92.3 FM Student Radio
Professional organizations on campus

What Our Alumni Are Saying:

Juniata College’s communication faculty have had a far more profound influence on my life than I would have anticipated any group of college professors to have. From the very first course, they were not only asking me to learn theories relevant to my field, but also to look at who I am and what I want to be.

-Laura Hess ’11

Our Recent Graduates in Graduate School

Josh Scacco ’08 is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in communication studies and political communication at the University of Texas at Austin. This follows Josh’s career with Triad Strategies in Harrisburg, Pa. He cites internships with State Representative Jerry Stern and with Triad as the keys to his current success.

Nicole Staricek ‘09 is pursuing her doctorate in mass communication at the University of Kentucky thanks to a teaching assistantship. Prior to this, Nicole completed her master’s degree at Auburn University.

Katie Tavenner ’09 is currently a research intern at the Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning. She credits courses like Intercultural Communication, Gender and Conflict, Identity in the Modern World, and Qualitative Research Methods as extremely helpful with her current job duties.

Our Recent Graduates in the Workforce

Tim Auman ’10 is currently employed as a Marketing Videographer at Penn State University, based on his experience at the Juniata Digital Media Studio with coordinator Nathan Wagoner.

Alyssa Cuttler ’10 is currently employed as a production assistant for Barenholz Productions, the production company famous for films like Raising Arizona and No Country For Old Men. Alyssa’s undergraduate internship with Rachel Ray no doubt helped her secure her current role, as did her POE in digital media.

Heather Wolfe ’09 is teaching 5th grade in Stovall, North Carolina through Teach for America. She cites all of her communication classes as helping her—no matter where she goes or what employment she undertakes.

You can read about more outstanding communication graduates.

What Can You Do With a POE in Communication?

Bachelor’s Degree

[Entry Level]
  • assistant program director
  • entertainment agent
  • fund-raiser
  • news reporter
  • public relations assistant

Graduate Degree

[Experience Often Required]
  • broadcasting journalist
  • copy editor
  • customer/consumer relations
  • journalist
  • speech pathologist

Possible Employers:

  • banks
  • business and industry
  • hospitals
  • libraries
  • newspapers
  • public relations firms
  • radio stations
  • schools
  • state and federal government
  • television stations

Related Occupations:

  • arbitrator
  • associate producer
  • audiologist
  • counselor
  • educator
  • lobbyist
  • news associate
  • reporter
  • salesperson
  • TV producer

Stay on Target the Next Four Years

Freshman Year

Increase Self-Awareness
  • Identify interests, values and skills by using FOCUS
  • Meet with a Career Counselor and/or take NDSS 100 Career Planning
  • Develop a professional resume and upload it to JuniataJobs.com
  • Attend Juniata Career Day and career workshops throughout the year
  • Test your interests through student organizations, volunteer work and a summer job/internship

Sophomore Year

Explore Relevant Work Experience
  • Research specific careers and related qualifications
  • Become active in student organizations relevant to your POE; consider a leadership position
  • Update your resume on JuniataJobs and attend Juniata Career Day and career workshops
  • Set Social Networking sites to “private” and maintain professional behavior
  • Attend events with Juniata alumni to build your network; create a profile on Juniata Connect
  • Get a job or internship related to your field of interest

Junior Year

Prepare for the Professional World
  • Make employment/graduate school choices
  • Update resume on JuniataJobs and participate in Career Workshops
  • Network at Career Fairs: Juniata Career Day, WestPACS, CPEC
  • Build a professional wardrobe and attend the Etiquette Dinner
  • Simulate a Mock Interview
  • Get an internship related to your field of study

Senior Year

Implement Career Choices
  • Update resume on JuniataJobs and secure quality references
  • Meet with a Career Counselor for your “Senior Meeting”; Consider registering for NDSS 205—21st Century Career Search
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile and network with professionals for job leads/grad school information
  • Network at Career Fairs: Juniata Career Day, WestPACS, CPEC
  • Apply to targeted employers/graduate schools: Follow-Up

Notable Internship Sites:

  • American Education Services (AES)/PHEAA
  • Audubon
  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Crown American
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • PA Office of the Attorney General - Bureau of Consumer Protection
  • Pittsburgh Mediation Center
  • The Washington Center
Acquire on-the-job experience

Career Services Staff

  • Darwin V. Kysor, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
  • Michael J. Pennington,
    MHRM, M.Ed.
    Assistant Director