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Web Resumes

As the number of career websites increases, many allow individuals to post their resume. Instructions vary somewhat and you should always be sure to follow the specific directions supplied by each website, but typically a lot of similarity exists. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Task switch from your web browser to the word processing program where your resume is.
  2. Open your resume document and set all your page set-up margins to 0.5.
  3. Use a fixed font like courier with a point size = 10. You may change the font and point size by highlighting the entire document and using the menu bar options to change font and size.
  4. Remove all tabs, bullets etc. to left justify the entire document. Minor indentations (to replace tabs) using the space bar can be added later to improve the appearance of the resume. If you indent using the tab key, it may look okay, but will be off when printed. This is also true of hard returns which should be used at the end of each line (Keep in mind that many employers prefer a single page resume. To ensure compliance your resume should not be more than 88 characters wide and 58 lines long). Basic HTML tags can be used for formatting bold, italicizing, and underlininut to do this, wait until step 8 because they do not transfer when cutting and pasting.
  5. Save the document as Text Only with Line Breaks (change the document name).
  6. At this time improvements can be made to enhance the visual appearance such as blank lines, capital letters, asterisks and dashes. Should you decide to indent, do not use the tab key, but instead use the space bar. If you use an * or - to replace a ·, you will need to press the space bar to move over any words that are wrapped onto additional lines (visually line up the additional lines of text). If any changes are made at this point, be sure to save the document again as Text Only with Line Breaks!!!
  7. Highlight the selected text to be copied/cut and pasted into the text area box (Resume or Cover Letter). Click on Edit and Copy. Return to your WEB BROWSER and click on the box where the document will be pasted, click on Edit and Paste.
  8. HTML TAGS can be added here (refer to the HTML instructions below) and Minor adjustments in spacing may need to be made - look closely at the Preview screens that display what an employer will see.
  9. Make sure you download a copy of your resume to see how it appears to employers. You are typically able to do so after you preview your resume.

Using HTML Code

The following HTML tags are simple if one is familiar with highlighting and using BOLD, ITALICIZE and UNDERLINE on a word processing package. The difference is you must manually type the HTML CODE at the beginning and end of the word(s) you want to BOLD, ITALICIZE and UNDERLINE.

Here's how to use HTML Tags:

<strong>Your Text Here</strong> will appear in bold as Your Text Here

<em>Your Text Here</em> will appear in italics as Your Text Here

<u>Your Text Here</u> will appear underlined as Your Text Here

<big>Your Text Here</big> will appear in italics as Your Text Here

<center>Your Text Here</center> will center your text on the page

<hr>Your Text Here</hr> will draw a line from the left margin to the right margin