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Over and over, Juniata alumni repeat the phrases, “At Juniata I didn’t learn what to think, I learned how to think” and “Juniata prepared me to be successful in the workplace, not just in my POE, but in any field.”

At Juniata we are committed to preparing students for a life of success. We will ensure that by the time Juniata students complete their Juniata experience they will have had the opportunity to:

The Career Services Office offers a comprehensive career development and management service to students.  Services include academic classes, workshops, internship programs, job fairs, and full-time job search and graduate/professional school assistance in both group and individual settings. 

Students who walk through the doors of Career Services are bound to be successful for two reasons. One, because they have the desire and drive to better themselves. Two, because they will have the support of some of the hardest working people on campus helping them along their paths. Juniata’s Career Services team has led me to gainful employment with one of the biggest companies in financial services. I will be forever grateful.

Gabriel Castro ‘12, Finance. Highland Lakes, NJ