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Intern of the Month

Lucas Corbin

During this past summer, Megan Myers, was able to intern at Arts + Labor Production Company in Austin, TX. She got the internship through the help of a JC alum and chose the company because of the great location and blooming production field. Megan was awarded funding through Juniata’s Super Internship Fund to help her pursue this opportunity.
While at Arts + Labor, Megan worked closely with two senior producers. She worked on several web commercials for Dell, was involved with prepping for the shoot, location scouting, talent prep, and financial paperwork. Megan states, “I learned a lot about what producers do on a regular basis and the different responsibilities that they have. I also learned a lot about set etiquette and about how to act when you are on a set for a shoot. These are skills that I would not have been able to learn anywhere else other than being in the field.” Megan expects to graduate in May of 2016, and hopes to become a producer at a medium sized production company in a city like Austin. She states that her internship experience reinforced her confidence in the path she has chosen to follow.