Academic Support


Peer Tutoring

Juniata offers a popular, campus-wide peer tutoring program.

Peer tutoring is available in any offered course to each Juniata College student who desires additional help with subject material. Before requesting tutoring assistance for a course, students must discuss their academic performance with the course instructor and ask for his or her verbal permission; many faculty would prefer to work with a student during office hours before tutoring begins. In select courses, tutoring is offered in the form of group review sessions, and there are also small-group tutoring opportunities in which two or more students work with a peer tutor.

A reasonable amount of tutoring is available at no charge to the student, but the number of hours of tutoring per week may not exceed the amount of time spent in lecture each week (three to four hours/week would be the maximum).

Students / tutees understand that tutoring is a supplement to class preparation, class attendance and office-hours assistance from faculty; it is not intended to replace any of these critical academic responsibilities. Students who are motivated to get the most out of tutoring find that the program is very successful for them.

How to get a tutor