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Endowment Matters

Juniata alumni tend to leave the College and settle in communities in which they go about trying to improve things.

See how endowment supported our student award winners.

Juniata Scholarship Fund

The Juniata Scholarship Fund had its highest year ever, raising money to award scholarships to academically qualified students who demonstrate great financial need. This year we increased the amount of each scholarship award from $2,300 to $2,390 in order to provide more assistance to the students who need it most. As we continue to welcome large classes to Juniata, we know that the impact of these awards will continue to be felt.

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Overall Giving

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How Can I Change Lives?

Give - Juniata Scholarship Fund

Heritage Circle

Heritage Circle members invest in the future of Juniata through planned giving. "Planned giving" simply means that individuals make gifts to the College that require some planning before they are made. Because such gifts involve accumulated assets distributed over time or through one's will, they empower people to make leadership gifts beyond what they might think possible.

Planned Gifts for 2010-2011
  • Estate gifts received (16) . . . . . . $891,596
  • Life Income Agreements (3) . . . . . . . $120,000
  • New estate commitments (15) . . . . . $3,734,650
  • _________________________________________________
  • Total $4,746,246
  • Total Heritage Circle Members 288
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