Regional History


Bits and Pieces: The Search for Greenwood Furnace

by Paul Heberling, professor emeritus of anthropology, Juniata College

Recipient of the 2014 Preservation PA F. Otto Haas Award for outstanding individual achievements in the field of historic preservation


A Few Notes on the American Indian Presence in the Juniata Valley

by Paul Heberling

The Huntingdon County Historic Newspaper Collection

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Their Land on the Juniata: A multimedia exhibit about the French and Indian War in and beyond the Juniata Valley, featuring images, maps and interactive text.

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Their Land on the Juniata


The Robert E. Wagoner Collection: A collection of prints from the Juniata Valley, courtesy of Robert E. Wagoner, professor emeritus of philosophy at Juniata College. He collects prints from many eras, and these selections from his collection reflect the beauty of the Juniata Valley in the 18th and 19th century.


The Robert E. Wagoner Collection


The Albany Congress of 1754: Negotiations that took place on the periphery of the official meeting in Albany resulted in the agreement that made the Juniata Valley region a part of Pennsylvania.










Two Bits' Worth of Information: Learn how Spanish silver "pieces of eight" and the Albany Congress of 1754 are related.










Two Bits' Worth of InformationTwo Bits' Worth of Information





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