Presidents of Juniata College 

Martin Grove Brumbaugh ~ 1893-1910, 1924-1930 


From the day he turned up in the company of the "Old Forge" refugees in the spring of 1878, his trustee-kindsmen knew they had a gem of the first water in the brilliant, winsome fifteen-year-old lad. An omnivorous reader, even of forbidden dime novels, he amazed people with his photographic memory.

It was Jacob Zuck, a man he much admired, who steered him toward a career in education. One day the principal said to M.G., his baggy pants stuffed down into hightop boots: "Martin, I believe that if you were to try hard, you could become a teacher."

-excerpts from Truth Sets Free and
Juniata College: Uncommon Vision, Uncommon Loyalty
by Earl C. Kaylor, Jr.

Martin Grove Brumbaugh: a graduate of the Brethren Normal College and teacher at age 16, he became Huntingdon County superintendent of schools at 22, then earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and assumed the presidency of his alma mater during the same year, at age 31. He served in that capacity - simultaneously with other positions including U.S. Commissioner of Education to Puerto Rico and superintendent of Philadelphia city schools - until 1910. In 1914, the Republican party nominated him as their candidate for governor of Pennsylvania; he carried the popular vote and became the 28th governor of the state. He returned to the college in 1924 and served again as president until his death in 1930.

See "Governor Martin Grove Brumbaugh at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission website.

The images below were selected by Juniata students Keenan Drenning and Cody Fulton from collections housed at the Juniata College Museum of Art.

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