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Presidential Search Update

Posted 4/1/12

The Presidential Search Committee has completed the job profile for the next Juniata President and is providing it for your information. This document will serve as a resource for both candidates and the Committee during the search. It will provide initial information about the College and position for candidates, and will serve as a touchstone regarding selection criteria for the Committee.

The candidate recruiting phase is scheduled to begin May 1. At that time, we will invite candidates and candidate referrals through targeted mailings, place an ad in the Chronicle of Higher Education and several on-line sites, and begin active network sourcing of candidates. All candidate information will be directed to Academic Search, our search consulting firm, and will be subsequently disseminated to the Committee. The Committee is scheduled to meet in late July to conduct a preliminary review of candidates with the assistance of our consultant, Dr. R. Stanton Hales.

We believe we are well-prepared to launch the recruiting phase, and look forward to getting started in a few weeks. Look for our next update in early May.

Mary White and Bud Wise, Presidential Search Committee Co-chairs

Mary White - mary.white3 AT
Bud Wise - budwise13 AT