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This guide will help parents address some of the concerns they may encounter while advising their Juniata students though their College career. This information can be most helpful when it's put into the students' hands and they are empowered to ask the questions and seek help on campus.


Book Store

Does the bookstore have a website?
Yes, we are at or click the bookstore link at the bottom of Juniata's main web page. We have our most popular clothing and gift items online as well as a booklist for courses (usually posted 2 to 3 months before the semester starts).

Can students rent their textbooks?
Yes, many of our textbooks can be rented at our online site or in the store (rental status is based upon usage guidelines, not all books are rentable). Customers must register with and can do so online or in the store. Digital Textbooks are also becoming more popular and are available at significant savings. You'll find them listed next to the printed version in the store and online.

Will the JC Gold Card (student ID) work in the bookstore?
Yes, students can deposit money in the bookstore portion of their Gold Card for use in the bookstore. Money may be added to your Gold Card by check, cash, credit card, e-check/ACH and also by charging your Student Account. (Payments currently made through the online system will be posted to your account within 24 hours of the next business day). If you are depositing funds to your Gold Card via cash or check or charging your Student Account, you should include your ID# and where you would like the additional money deposited. A form for adding additional monies can be found on the Accounting FAQ page, or by stopping by the Accounting Services/Bursars Office.

Campus Technology Services

What are the requirements for my son/daughter's computer?
All incoming students are required to have access to a laptop meeting the minimum requirements outlined here: (These machines can be individually owned, shared with another student, or borrowed when available.)

Should we purchase a Mac or Windows based computer?
It's a matter of personal preference. We support both Mac and Windows based machines and provide the following recommendations when making a purchase:

Do you offer any discounts?
Juniata students are eligible to receive educational discounts from both Apple and Dell.

What kind of tech support is available?
Technology related questions can be answered at the online help center at or by contacting the 'HELP' desk at 814-641-3619 or

Career Services

My son/daughter is confused. How can I help him/her make good career decisions?
It doesn't always seem so, but parents are a great influence on their children. At Juniata College we offer a variety of services across the four-year academic career to assist students. However, our services are not required, so your encouragement to try new things and learn from mistakes can increase the chances that your son/daughter take advantage and gain maximum benefit. There are career many directions and it can seem overwhelming. Individual appointments, career assessments like Focus and Juniata's 1-credit Career Planning course are great tools for students seeking their path.

What if my son/daughter wants to go to graduate/professional school?
Over the past 10 years, between 25-33 percent of Juniata College graduates have gone directly to graduate/professional school. Over half plan to go in the future. Faculty is the primary source for students in selecting the best graduate school. Career Services also offers programs on identifying, selecting and applying to graduate and professional school. We provide assistance and critique on application materials, and on writing personal statements and essays.

My son/daughter is interested in getting an internship, how can we assist with that?
Juniata College offers traditional internships for credit like most colleges around the country, but we also have a unique program for transcript notation. Transcript notation means the experience is still academically acceptable, but with no credit. There is no cost. Each year 100-plus students complete internships for credit helping them progress toward graduation, while 150-plus students complete internships for transcript notation. Approximately 85 percent of our graduates complete practical internship experiences. Students find these experiences in many ways: through job fairs, through websites, through faculty members, through Career Services, through alumni, and even through parents and friends' parents. A good first step is to encourage your son/daughter to schedule an appointment with Career Services. If you can help a Juniata student find an internship please let us know.

My daughter/son is graduating, how can I help him/her with the job search process?
The transition related to graduating from college can be very stressful. The best thing you can do is listen. Remind them how proud you are of their accomplishments. Try not to take too active a role; allow your adult child to take the lead. Only provide advice when asked, but always provide support. Encourage them to utilize the resources available to them--The Career Services Office and their network of contacts. Be a networking resource for them, refer them to people you may know in their field. Help them understand that looking for a job is hard work. Those who persist and put in the time and effort will be rewarded.

Is there a Career Fair?
Yes, Career Day is held on the last Friday of February and typically includes more than 50 employers offering internships and jobs. Alumni and parents often represent their companies or serve as career mentors offering career advice and expertise.

What are some of your graduates doing now?
The quality of the Juniata experience is ultimately measured by the success of our graduates.

Center for International Education

Why should my son or daughter study abroad?
Students who add an international dimension into their course of study benefit in many ways. In today's global economy, the best jobs and happiest endeavors go to those who can show just those exact abilities that study abroad makes possible - critical thinking, problem solving, patience, flexibility, diplomacy, tolerance, and open-mindedness to name a few. Students who study abroad generally enhance their Program of Emphasis. They demonstrate increased personal satisfaction and maturity. Study abroad will not automatically get a student into graduate school, medical school, or into a terrific job. It will, however, help to develop the full potential that the student has. It will give them opportunities to stimulate their intellect, kindle new interests, develop their business and career contacts and incidentally gain a global perspective on world issues. It will help them write a better application, conduct a confident interview and - with the experience gained by living in another culture - be so much more an impressive person!

How much does it cost?
For most Juniata programs, the cost for semester and academic year programs are equal to the cost of the same period at Juniata College. All scholarships, grants, and loans that the student has will apply during the study abroad period, with few exceptions. There are some extra costs involved - transportation, passports, visas, photos, insurance, immunizations and other personal expenses are the responsibility of the student. A few programs also have special programming fees that are listed on those programs web-pages. There are study abroad scholarships that students can apply for to reduce these extra costs. Students will be advised during the study abroad application period if there is a scholarship for which they can apply.

How safe is it?
It is natural to worry about safety. However, Juniata is very attentive to security issues in study abroad sites. We provide pre-departure education, are in on-going contact with overseas directors, and we have a worldwide network to alert us of any potential crisis. Each site is thoroughly evaluated in person by teams of Juniata professors and administration on a regular basis. We are prepared to interrupt a student's study abroad placement if there is any problem or situation that warrants concern in a program. We provide sufficient lectures and sessions to students to make them aware of their responsibilities in not getting into potentially problematic situations. As a result, our students have been competently mature and serious about safety issues.

Human Resources

What's needed for student employment?
The student will need to complete tax paperwork, consisting of a W-4, I-9, and direct deposit form, as well as an online local tax form.

Who should be contacted about payroll or tax questions?
Questions regarding new employment and tax paperwork can be directed to the Office of Human Resources. Questions regarding taxes, payment, or Kronos can be direct to the Payroll Office.


What is JCEL?
JCEL stands for the Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. It is an experiential learning program which promotes and supports entrepreneurial education and activities by students and faculty from any academic discipline/POE.

How does JCEL do this?
JCEL makes available the tools and resources to entrepreneurs to help them research, plan and implement their ideas for the creation of a new or enhancement of an existing product or service. Tools and resources include technical assistance, advice, mentorship, capital (loans or equity investment), a location from which to operate, online video library and small resource library. JCEL often hosts for-credit and not-for-credit internships for marketing, accounting, finance, communications and public relations students.

How can my daughter or son benefit from JCEL?
JCEL is one of few entrepreneurship programs at the undergraduate level. Not too many colleges could offer your child a $ 15,000 business startup loan/investment, operating space in a small business incubator and access to technical assistance/mentors to help them learn and be successful.


What are the library hours?
Sun 12-1am, Mon -Thurs 8am -1am, Friday 8am -8pm, Saturday 10am-10pm

Is anyone there to help with research?
We have librarians and staff available all day and until 9pm, and a Writing Center with tutors open in the evening for help with papers.

What kind of resources does the library have for student research?
Over 10,000 electronic journals, 250,000 books and e-books, 100 research databases, 50 computers connected to printer, mandatory freshmen library instruction, brand new Information Commons with technology tables, second floor quiet study area, large DVD and CD collection, large rare books collection.

Post Office

When can I begin to ship my Students things to the college?
The post office will begin accepting all packages for incoming students on Monday, July 18. Juniata's post office does not have storage, however the College will do everything possible to keep packages that arrive early. Please be advised, due to our space limitations, packages received before Monday, July 18 may be returned to shipper at the discretion of the postmaster.

How should I address My Students mail or packages?
To receive your mail as quickly as possible, always use your box number. Here's an example:

Your Name
Juniata College Box Number
1700 Moore Street>
Huntingdon, PA 16652

If there aren't enough address lines (in the case of some websites) include your box number like this:

Your Name/Box Number
Juniata College
1700 Moore Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652

What are the hours of the Post Office?
During the school year, the window is open Monday thru Friday from 10 am till 4pm. Summer hours are 10am till 3:30 pm. We are closed all Federal and Juniata Holidays. Please watch for extra hours during move in weekend.

For more information you may contact Lori Hughes, postmaster (814) 641-3370 ;

Registrar's Office

What are the dates for the semester? When are fall and spring breaks? When do final exams end?

Look to the Academic Calendar for these and other important dates. Students are notified that they have to make arrangements after their last exam to leave campus.

How can I pay the bill?

How do I get an enrollment verification from the school that my child is a student?
Download the enrollment verification form or send a letter, the form, or an email to the Registrar's Office with the student's name, ID # or SSN to our office. A verification letter can be provided for health insurance, auto insurance for good student standing, scholarships, loans, etc. If your request is annual, we will need a reminder each time. Please provide your policy number and the address where it needs to be sent.

How do I change my address information?
Your student can submit a change of address to the Registrar's department (available online or in the Registrar's Office). This will update their record for the entire campus.

Can I see my child's grades?
Students have access to their grades on the ARCH called WebAdvisor. We recommend parents to be familiar with the Academic Calendar to follow the dates when students are apprised about their progress in the course. Particularly before fall and spring recess are a good times to have a conversation with your child on their progress. Faculty instructors are not authorized to give updates under the FERPA regulations, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.. FEPRA comes into effect when the student turns 18 and becomes a student at Juniata. It is also used in many ways to protect their grades and GPA from being used for arbitrary ways. If you have concerns, you can contact the Dean of Students for an intervention.

What is FERPA?
Students have the right to protect their educational records from unauthorized viewing and collection. We take this very seriously in protecting their information from wrongful defamation. This would include people off campus coming on campus to find your child. We find that parent's issues are best handled when all parties are involved in the conversation. Again, if there is a valid concern, we recommend you contact the Dean of Students who can place a Notice of Concern and pull the student in to see them in their office.

How do I order a transcript?
Only the student can request a transcript. The Registrar's Office needs an official signed request with the following information: The student name, the address where it needs to be sent. For copies to enclose in mailings: The same information as above, but the requested transcript will be stamped across the envelope seal and front left hand corner. DO NOT OPEN. Simply enclose the envelope in your application packet.

Usually there is a 3 to 4 day turnaround time. Transcripts can be requested by Fax with the above information and signature to (814) 641-3199. Please indicate a due date if there is a deadline. The first 25 transcript requests are free; after 25, the transcript is $5.00 per copy. To send it overnight via UPS, we charge you the rate UPS would charge.

The Registrar's Communication Protocol:

Residential Life

For most housing and meal plan questions, please visit If you don't find your question, you may submit a question at the site or call 814-641-3323 on Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm EST.

Safety and Security

How safe is campus?
Please review the information provided in compliance with the Clery Act and the Uniform Crime Report.

Who should my student contact in case of an emergency or a criminal act?
To report emergencies or crimes in-progress such as break-ins or vandalism, students should dial 911-1 or 814-641-3636. Students can also activate one of the five emergency telephone call boxes located on campus which are a direct line to campus security, at all times.

Non-emergencies or criminal acts can be reported in a variety of ways: by calling the Public Safety Office at 814-641-3163 or 911-1, calling the JC Crime Watch 814-641-3318, through their resident assistant or residence director, or by calling the Huntingdon Police directly. The college investigates all incidents that are reported by students and staff to determine the appropriate response and follow-up either through the campus judicial process or through the local or State Police Departments.

Is there a cost to register a vehicle on campus?
All Juniata College students who have vehicles in the Huntingdon area are expected to register the vehicle with The Public Safety Office regardless of whether or not you intend to park in college parking lots or on borough streets. The vehicle registration fee is $35.00 for resident students and $25.00 for nonresident students. More information is available at

How can my student replace a lost or damaged ID card?
sed primarily for identification, the card should be carried at all times. If lost or stolen, the ID card can be replaced by request at The Public Safety Office. A fee of $10.00 is charged for replacement. A $5.00 fee is charged to replace a damaged ID card, and the damaged card must be returned. More information is available at

How do I get information about an on-campus emergency?
Sign up for early warning text messaging service at

Is there an on campus escort service?
Yes, the Office of Public Safety officers will provide an escort to anyone requesting the service. The Office of Public Safety may be contacted by dialing 911-1 twenty-four hours a day. Students can also activate on of the five emergency telephone call boxes located on campus which are a direct line to campus security, at all times. Four of the five call boxes have a blue light, that strobe when activated. These call boxes can be used to report criminal actions or other emergencies on campus.