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Students dressed up at Madrigal

Established: 1970

Madrigal Dinner is one of our most popular traditions, with 600-700 students in attendance each year. Taking place on the last Saturday of fall semester, this holiday tradition starts with a first-class meal served to the students by the faculty and staff. After dinner, the guests are entertained with performances by members of the campus community and the entire group participates in holiday caroling. This sing-along culminates with the singing of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with various sections of the dining hall acting out the different parts of the song.

Students camp out for days just to sign up for Madrigal Dinner and try for seats in their favorite section, especially the "Five Golden Rings" section. The Madrigal line is as much a part of the fun as the dinner itself - Students build an elaborate tent city on the lawn around Ellis Hall, complete with furniture, TVs and VCRs, and video games!