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The foremost duty of the executive board is to serve as the primary representatives of the student body to administration. The board appoints student representatives to various committees on campus that deal with issues ranging from the Curriculum, to access to institutional resources. The President and Vice President of the Executive Board serve as members on the Board of Trustees.

The Executive Board also sets the direction of and facilitates Senate meetings, with the President serving as the Chair. The Executive Board will set the agenda of all Senate meetings, propose legislation, as well as facilitate the budgetary process for the following year.

The Executive Board also serves as the main interpreters and enforcers of the Juniata Constitution, holding all RSO’s accountable as well as facilitating the funding process. The Executive Board also facilitates all Student Government Elections, and maintains Student Government records.

Meet Us

Lauren Lesser


Ramsey Amad

Vice President

Tiffanie Tran


I am a senior with a POE in Biology and Economics. This is my first time participating in Student Government. I have treasurer experience and am interested in how our Juniata Activities Funds are used. I audit the 100+ clubs on campus along with my Allocation Board of 9 students. Together, we help guide club treasurers in the financial and budgeting process. I hope to utilize my board to better educate treasures on fiscal conservatism and responsibility in order to promote a clearer understanding of the allocation process and to increase club collaboration.

Madeline Bennetti


I participated in student government my freshman year as class secretary and wanted to become more involved. I want to make the student body more aware of student government and how they can use this organization. I thought it would be advantageous for me to take on this role as a sophomore so that I have three full years to learn about student government and see it evolve.

David Wouch

Officer of Technology

Dan Shaffer

Officer of Communications/Policy

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