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Mountain Day - Established: 1896

Mountain Day is the oldest tradition at Juniata. On a beautiful fall day, classes are canceled and everyone flocks to one of the state parks in the area for a day of outdoor fun including a picnic lunch, nature walks, crafts, music, tug-of-war, and the spirited faculty/staff vs. seniors co-ed flag football game. However, the most unique element of Mountain Day is that no one knows in advance when it is going to occur! Trying to guess the date of Mountain Day is one of the most-popular topics of conversation among the students and faculty in the weeks leading up to the event.
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Homecoming and Family Weekend - Established: 1923 and 1936

Homecoming and Family Weekend features alumni reunion activities, sporting events, a parade, and numerous activities for alumni, students, and families. A unique aspect of Juniata's Homecoming & Family Weekend celebration is the presentation of the Community Contribution Awards during half-time of the football game. Rather than having a Homecoming king and queen, the College recognizes students who have made outstanding community service contributions, both on-campus and in their local communities. The busy, yet fun-filled schedule allows students, families, and alumni to enjoy the weekend together.

Madrigal - Established: 1970

Madrigal Dinner is one of the most popular traditions, with 600-700 students in attendance each year. Taking place on the last Saturday of fall semester, this tradition starts with a first-class meal served to the students by the faculty and staff. After dinner, the guests are entertained with performances by members of the campus community and the entire group participates in a holiday sing-along. Students camp out for days just to sign up for Madrigal Dinner and try for seats in their favorite section of the dining hall. The Madrigal line is as much a part of the fun as the dinner itself - Students build an elaborate tent city on the lawn around Ellis Hall, complete with furniture, TVs and VCRs, and video games!

Springfest - Established: 1986

In April, Springfest is jam-packed with activities allowing students and staff to enjoy a break from their preparations for final exams and to get a little crazy! The weekend consists of a mud volleyball tournament, carnival activities organized by Registered Student Organizations, outdoor picnics for both lunch and dinner, and other activities which can include anything from laser tag to tie-dying t-shirts to break dancing demonstrations.

May Day Brunch - Established: 1916

On the morning of Reading Day in the Spring Semester, JAB holds a brunch to recognize outstanding student leaders from each class and to celebrate their contributions to the Juniata College community. Additionally, there are presentations made to Students of the Year, Outstanding Faculty, Outstanding Staff, Unsung Heroes, and Outstanding Registered Student Organizations. All nominations are made by fellow students, faculty, and staff. The program features several student performers giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents and culminates with the presentation of awards.