Campus Life


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All rooms have one cable TV hook-up (don't forget your co-ax cable) and access for each student to the Internet. In addition, most buildings have a student lounge (some with ping-pong, pool or foosball tables) and a kitchen. All residential Halls have laundry facilities. The unique features of each building, such as dimensions and type of closet are outlined below.

What to Bring?

Bring a toaster, but not a propane tank. Or perhaps a microwave instead of a smoke machine.

Storming the Arch

Established: Late 1940's

To date, no freshman class has made it through the Arch successfully.

Storming of the Arch is an optional rite of passage for freshman. The goal? Get through the Cloister Arch. This mission is complicated by a group of upperclass "defenders," rugby players, and alumni.


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What to do off-campus?; a scenic pasture with an odd-looking cow