Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Fusepointe: The Next Step in Digital Development


Harris Cauler is a senior at Juniata College with a POE in information technology and a secondary emphasis in management. In December of 2013, Cauler started his own business called Fusepointe with the help of JCEL (Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership) in order to gain experience, make connections, and stand out from competitors.


“Fusepointe is a digital studio with a passion for creating inspiring digital experiences and helping brands build meaningful relationships with their users,” says Cauler, “We’re a full-service studio, which means we can help clients with everything from their website development, logo design, social media strategy, email marketing, and even print marketing.”


Cauler is the creative director of Fusepointe. He works with potential clients and enlists sub-contractors to assist him when the work becomes challenging. Cauler has also collaborated with Juniata alumni in the past on a project-by-project basis and continues to work with them in developing social media strategies and graphic design for clients.


Cauler is no stranger to creating websites and a variety of digital elements, but it wasn’t until he took a class on entrepreneurship that he got inspired to start a business. “After I learned that the college would pay me to start my own business. How could I say no?” says Cauler, “I applied to the JCEL Next Step Fellowship and was given a stipend to work on both my business and marketing plan, received help with market research, and was given $500 of capital which I used to develop marketing materials and pay for other start-up business expenses.”


Fusepointe allows Cauler to gain credibility and make connections in the professional realm as a college student. Starting your own business will get your foot in the door early and help you find success as a post-graduate. It could even turn into something much bigger than you originally imagined. Cauler says, “Time and time again, clients tell me they’ve had a better experience working with me and my team and are more satisfied with the end project rather than larger web shops they’ve worked with in the past.”


Cauler interned in Washington, D.C. at the Office of the Chief Information Officer under the U.S. Department of Education. He worked with their Enterprise Business Collaboration team who analyzes, mechanizes, and creates more efficient business processes across various programs and administrative offices. “Trying to make businesses more efficient using technology is just one of my interests,” says Cauler, “but my passion really lies in the marketing and website development field.”


“My vision for Fusepointe over the next year is to really build-out our social media strategy initiatives and to gain a few clients for which we manage their entire social presence on a monthly basis versus doing one-time projects,” he adds


--Laura Bancroft ‘15, Juniata Associate of Media Relations