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More Juniata Internships

Claire Williams

“I feel that the internships were very beneficial.  While applying to jobs I’ve found myself referencing things I did during my time at JCEL/HCBI to strengthen my chances of getting hired.” (read more about my internship experience)

Jenna Lescavage

Jenna Lescavage

“My internship experience was incredible. I looked forward to coming to work because I knew that each day I would learn something new.” (read more about my internship experience)

Jennifer Jones

“When looking for an internship, don’t be afraid to choose one that is outside of your “comfort zone”.  Also, realize that every opportunity is a learning opportunity, both good and bad.” (read more about my internship experience)

L. Kerry Miller

L. Kerry Miller

“This internship was beneficial to me as a final semester senior with a “vague” degree in Communication.  It was important, not only for the experiences themselves, but for the experience to spend time in an office that had short and long-term measureable goals and successes.  It was a great time for me to start thinking about life, not in graded semesters, but in REAL WORLD outcomes.” (read more about my internship experience)

Michael Haupt

Michael Haupt

“I think it is important to get out into the real world before you graduate college, even if it is only temporary. Working at JCEL/HCBI this summer allowed me get a taste of life after graduation and has really helped me to understand what areas in my work skills I need to improve by the time I graduate.“ (read more about my internship experience)

Tessa R. Hunsicker

“The skills that you learn from an internship are very important.  It is impossible to learn everything in a classroom, especially the social and communication skills that are required in an office setting.  Getting that real world working experience is a great resume builder and employers look for that.” (read more about my internship experience)

William Campbell

"The internships I had at JCEL/HCBI were beneficial because they provided me with the real life case studies where my input had an effect on the outcome.  I was then able to see the direct impact my decisions and contributions made." (read more about my internship experience)

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