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Student Internships

Chris Gass

Name: Chris Gass

POE and graduation year: Management 2009

Semester of Internship: Fall 2009

Internship Title: Entrepreneurial Intern

Why did you choose JCEL/HCBI as your internship location?

I chose it because of the location of the office in relation to campus, and to get the experience of working in an office environment.

What skills did you acquire at JCEL/HCBI that transferred into post graduation jobs, class work, and additional internships?

I acquired simple office communication etiquette, advanced uses for several Microsoft office programs, a complete understanding of the relationship JCEL/HCBI has with the community, and also the ability to communicate with my mentors/peers on the progress of all my projects on a weekly basis. I was also able to have some professional experiences that could not really be duplicated in any classroom through several different board meetings, lectures, and interactions with entrepreneurs throughout the community.

Do you feel the internship was beneficial? Why?

Yes, I definitely learned a lot during my time at JCEL. Going into it I really did not know much about what JCEL did, but by the end I realized how many businesses through the community we worked with that are main stays throughout Huntingdon County. I was able to sit in on meetings that really have me an inside look at how many businesses in the county work together to better their own businesses and the local economy as a whole. Working in the office environment and working with so many local entrepreneurs really allowed me to understand how to have a professional approach towards my work. The staff was always very encouraging in treating all of the interns as if they were one of their peers which I felt was just what I needed for preparing me for my career.

What was your favorite/specific project you worked on during your time here?

My favorite project was helping Susanne prepare, plan, and set up for the PFEW retreat weekend.

What have you been doing since graduation? Travel? Job(s)? Location?

I work in the Fraud Department at Bank of America in Newark, Delaware.

What is your advice to students who are looking to do an internship?

I would say you definitely need to go into any internship you have with an open mind, and really show your mentors that you are willing to go above and beyond for them right from the start. This way you can build a solid foundation for the rest of your time with them, develop a relationship, and they can become a great contact or reference when you go out looking for that first job after college.

Internships are really a great way to get some real world experience while are you still in school, which you will find that experience and knowledge is crucial when you first start your career.

Any additional information?

For me working at JCEL was a great overall experience. The staff there was great in not only teaching me about the business aspects of JCEL/HCBI but also in showing a sincere interest for my career after college. They were great in helping me piece together resumes, giving me tips on ways to search for jobs, and anything else I asked of them to help prepare me for my career after Juniata.