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Student Internships

Bess Englehardt

Name: Bess Englehardt

POE: Business with a minor in Psychology and Education

Semester of Internship: Summer 2009

Internship Title: Assistant Project Director

Why did you choose JCEL/HCBI as your internship location?

I worked with Susanne House from JCEL for a business class and I loved working with her. I found JCEL to be a great place, so when the summer internship became available I decided it would be a great opportunity.

How did you hear about the internship opportunity at JCEL/HCBI?

I heard about it from Susanne House.

What skills did you acquire at JCEL/HCBI that transferred into post graduation jobs, class work, and additional internships?

I learned computer skills that have helped me in my other classes, as well as business skills, social interaction skills, and leadership skills.

Do you feel the internship was beneficial? Why?

Yes. It taught me what an office setting was like and everything that goes on within a business incubator. I learned a lot about marketing and was able to put that into action at JCEL. It has prepared me for future jobs.

Favorite/Specific project you worked on during your time here.

I really enjoyed working on the summer survey project; working with other students and problem solving and working to have the survey project be affective as possible.

Have you obtained other internships? If so, did your internship at JCEL assist you in the skills necessary for another internship?

I have not had another internship since working at JCEL.

What is your advice to students looking to do an internship?

Doing an internship is the best decision I have made while being at Juniata College. It really allows you to get a feel for what your future job may be like. You really learn about the job in all dimensions and get an excellent firsthand experience.

Any additional information?

My JCEL internship was great. I really liked how I was given a variety of projects to work on and was able to use many of my different skills. Each day was different and new. I would strongly suggest everyone to do at least one internship during their time at Juniata.