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JCEL Video Library History

Seeing is believing for business builders thanks to the Juniata students who helped create this database of video clips. During the summer of 2005, Juniata students Julia Williams ’07 and Demetri Patitsas ‘07 (shown in photo) interviewed and filmed 54 entrepreneurs. "I was simply amazed at what all these people were laying on the line to start their business,” Williams says. “I think entrepreneurs can gain insight on what to do, what not to do, and what to look out for in the years ahead.” The interviews each lasted at least an hour and covered business questions as diverse as marketing, finance, operational, regulatory and personnel issues.

During the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006, the 54 interviews were then edited by another student team - John Dawes ’09, Nathan Eldredge '09 and JP Melle '07. In the final stage of the project, Adam Bergstein '06 and Anthony Lorenzo '07 helped to build the database and web interface for the video clips.

Former JCEL Assistant Director Anna Harris, who served as project manager, praises the student involvement. "This is hands-on experiential learning at its finest. At Juniata we strive to involve students in dynamic projects like this one as early as their freshmen year. Not only did they learn about entrepreneurship, they also developed their technical and teamwork skills."