Why Endowment?

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Competing Endowments

Listed above are the colleges with whom Juniata regularly competes to attract students. Each college is a different size, and has a different operating budget and endowment. The graph above shows the degree to which endowment contributes to the operating budget. Those colleges whose endowments provide a larger percentage of the operating budget have greater flexibility to support students and greater financial resiliency.

Why are we focused on building the endoment?

Simple. To take a line from the world of sports, for years Juniata has essentially competed outside its weight class, competing against schools with double our endowment. We've won recruiting battles, competitions for faculty, and the admiration of many. But anybody knows that underweight competitors can not stick it out for the long haul.

How does endowment help a college?

The endowment provides financial resiliency, by investing contributed capital and spending the income in ways that advance our mission. Such resiliency will become ever more critical in the coming years, as Juniata navigates through the changing environment in higher education.

The Plan for Juniata

Our 2008 strategic plan details our strategy for not only maintaining the distinct character of Juniata but building on our strengths: the flexible and student-centered philosophy that engendered the POE, the value of experiential learning to the academic mission, and the ideal of a community dedicated to collective understanding through individual growth in a challenging environment. Following this plan will allow Juniata to emerge as one of the leading and most distinctive liberal arts colleges in the nation.

The graphic shows dramatically the reason we must now focus on building our endowment. As we do succeed in our effort, Juniata is better able to ensure affordability and to strengthen the character of the college.

Endowment is now a critical focus of our efforts. We are surging toward a major turning point in the institution, one wherein our endowment will be the financial means for strengthening the character of this college.