Changing Lives to Change the World


read moreJuniata helps students, changing their lives. Our 14,000 alumni change the world. To strengthen our character and our College, our top priority is to build Juniata's endowment and ensure continued support of the Juniata Scholarship Fund.

There are many ways to support Juniata students through personal giving:

  • If you can make only one gift

    ...please consider giving to the Juniata Scholarship Fund. The Juniata Scholarship Fund is the most effective tool to help students afford Juniata.

  • "Changing Lives to Change the World" the initiative to build Juniata’s endowment. Individuals can endow permanent support for scholarships, faculty, and programs.

  • Enhance the competitive experience

    ...for Juniata athletics, consider making a gift to JClub. You can even designate your JClub gift to benefit a particular team.

  • Cash, stock, insurance, wills

    — there are many ways to give. Take some time to learn more about your options.

  • Make a gift support a specific program. The library, Juniata Presents, the Field Station, and more.

  • Questions?

    Our team of development professionals know how to guide and help. We can help you find the best way to make a difference for Juniata students!

  • Karin Brown '06 - West Bank

    Karin Brown '06 worked for months as a human rights witness in the West Bank, inspired by her involvement with Juniata's endowed Baker Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution. Her work as a documentarian and advocate for the families - Israeli and Palestinian - is helping people to understand and help change that part of the world.

    Nicolas Bower '00 - Ecuador

    Nicholas Bower '00 became a surgeon and started his own charity. He received a scholarship one summer, a few hundred dollars, to help him study abroad. That scholarship, endowed by Fran and Bill Nyce, inspired Nick to help hundreds of people since. One scholarship, at one moment in time, can change a life, and lead a person to change the world.

    Howard Nathan '74 - Gift of Life

    Howard Nathan '74 operates the largest organ donor and procurement operation in the world - the result of a sequence of events that started with a scholarship endowment at Juniata that made it possible for him to attend. His work in what was once frontier medicine has inspired people whose work has saved thousands of lives and is changing the world.

    Bill Fegan '46 - New Mexico

    Bill Fegan '46 entered Juniata aiming to be a minister. But Dr. Esther Doyle inspired in him a love of theatre and teaching that has resulted in his running a theatre in Raton, New Mexico that is a jewel of the community and a haven for hundreds of children. Professors like Dr. Doyle inspire the best in students who leave Juniata and change their communities and the world.

    Kristin Holloway Querriera '97

    Kristin Holloway Querriera '97 works in corporate finance -- a demanding job no matter how you slice it. Yet, in her spare time, she runs a charity that has helped more than 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. She credits the Elma Stine Heckler Professor of Music, Russ Shelley, as one inspiration for her work, proof that sometimes the dividends of endowment lead to unexpected outcomes.


    Juniata Scholarship Fund

    The Juniata Scholarship Fund is the most effective tool to help students attend Juniata without undue financial burden.

    Endowed Scholarships

    Those who receive scholarships at Juniata include many who have taken the initial gift that led them to life-changing experiences, and gone on to change the world.

    Endowed Professorships

    Our faculty are rare, effective, inspirational--and expensive. Building on the strengths that have made Juniata great depends greatly on the faculty that we recruit and retain today.

    Endowed Programs

    Juniata is a place where student volunteerism is the norm, and not simply resume fodder. Our students start clubs, reach out to communities around the globe, start businesses, and challenge themselves in each.