Endowed Programs

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Our programs distinguish Juniata from other liberal arts colleges.

The three programs above help shape Juniata's character and are supported at least in part by endowed funding. But many others that can and should be--our award-winning effort to help acclimate new students, the InBound Program, our Center for International Education, our burgeoning internship program, to name but three--have yet to be supported by endowments.

What effect would endowment have?

Consider this: internships, study abroad, and student retention programs like InBound are proven to add significant value to a student's experience. Why don't more students take part? They need summer jobs to help offset college costs, and can't afford to lose a week, or a month, or a summer to enrich their lives. Endowing those programs would provide, for instance, stipends to help offset income losses for deserving students so they could take part.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of programs can be supported with endowments?
Generally, endowments can support experiences that complement the academic experience and are not covered by the general operating budget. Program funds can support athletic teams or the art museum, activities like instrumental music or summer research, enhancements like lecture series or visiting scholars, acquisition funds for the library, or academic centers. While the College has priority areas for which we seek endowed support, the tradition of community deliberation at Juniata runs long and deep. Program funds allow donors the greatest latitude and creativity in leaving a legacy, and thus we welcome ideas.

What size gift is necessary to establish a program fund?
Generally, if one wishes to help support a particular activity or department, the minimum to establish a program endowment is $50,000. With such a principal, the fund will yield around $2,500 per year to be spent for the purposes outlined when the fund is established. Some special program funds are exceptions. One can establish a named library fund for a minimum of $10,000. Lectureships are endowed with gifts of $100,000 or more, and cultural events can be endowed with $50,000. However, because program endowments can support so many different things, it is best to discuss specifics with a member of the advancement team.

What if I am thinking big—supporting something critical to Juniata’s mission, like international education?
Some centers serve the strategic objectives of the College, and are developed with a combination of seed money and grants, and often made permanent by the timely and visionary support of individuals or small groups of people. The Baker Institute is one such example. The home of Juniata’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is the Bob and Eileen Sill Business Incubator, also supported by a program endowment.

Juniata has made the endowed support of two key centers a priority in the near term: a Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and our Center for International Education. The former is critical to our maintaining faculty teaching strength, and the latter is central to our mission. In the next few years, we seek to raise endowment funding in excess of $1 million for each center.

How do I know what kind of things to support?
Put simply, talk with a development officer. Look at the strategic plan. Express your interests and your ideas. You simply start the discussion, and we will involve the faculty, staff, and students to act on it.