Integrated Media Arts

Today, it is rare to meet a working artist who is only acting, or directing, making films, or shooting photographs. Today's theatre world is merging with other disciplines, as reflected in the slash-titles many artists use:

The Arts Production POE is a multi-disciplinary program designed to offer students a broad base of practical training, and also an area of focus, as they begin to shape their lives as mult-faceted artists, graphic designers, or arts managers.

While the "home" course for the AP POE is the Arts Production Lab in the Theatre program, it is important to stress the inter-departmental nature of the Arts Production POE. The AP Lab can be understood as the gathering point for young student artists from different areas to gather, train, and collaborate. The primary objective of the AP Lab is for students to achieve fluency across artistic media by studying and applying a few fundamental aesthetic principals through creative projects. All projects generated through the AP Lab, whether created for on or off campus clients OR allied with Juniata Theatre productions, serve as a platform for students to learn these fundamentals. AP Lab work centers around four spheres of artistic work:

AP Lab students are also encouraged to use their projects as a portfolio of work as they seek internships and jobs.

The Arts Production POE consists of courses in Theatre and other departments: Art, IT, Communication, and English.

Why Study Integrated Media Arts?