Sociology, Anthropology,
and Social Work

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Internships are available to qualified students in all departmental Programs of Emphasis in a variety of settings related to the student's course of study. Social Work students engage in experiential learning in a series of required, supervised field experiences that are tailored to the student's interests, beginning in the sophomore year and culminating in the full-time Professional Semester in the senior year.

Places of Internships and or Research Experiences

Additional information on internships and careers related to your POE can be found at the Career Services web site. Specific information is provided on the ares of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice.

Study Abroad

While the department has no specific study abroad experience tailored to our various POEs, interested students are encouraged and supported in their efforts to study abroad. With careful planning and consultation with the student's advisors, it is possible to study abroad and complete any of the departmental POEs in four years. For more information on Study Abroad experiences, visit Juniata's Center for International Education web site.