A Consent Decree is a juvenile sentence that allows for no permanent record. The youth never admits guilt or innocence. In front of the judge they are given the Consent Decree. This is an agreement with the youth and the Court that they will pay their fines, complete community service, keep their grades up in school, and not get into any more trouble. This is a six month period to begin with. If fines are not paid or community service is not completed, the consent decree can be extended up to an additional six months. Most juveniles begin with this.

Accelerated rehabilitative disposition or ARD is for first time adult offenders. The offenders never admit guilt or innocence. They are given a twelve month probation period where they need to follow all their conditions without any violations. If this occurs and they are not behind on their payments, the District Attorney Nolle Prosse the case. This means that on their record it will say they were charged with the crime but they were found not guilty. The client then can hire an attorney to expunge their record and get it taken off.

A monthly report is a document that minimum level supervision clients send in. They are to take the place of visits. They ask your residency, your employment, and if you have all the requirements filled and up to date. These requirements can be paying off restitution, completing DUI School if applicable, or counseling. This saves the client the hassle of coming into the office. Also many of the out of county clients do this. However if an out of county client is maximum security with a violent crime, the county sends transfer papers that allows for that client to be supervised more closely.