Adult Court days are two days per month. One day is pleas and the other is sentencing. For these days the probation department needs to be represented. For days of pleas every individual is directed to see a PO. The client is assigned a PO and an ID sheet is filled out, a picture is taken, and appointments are set up. Almost every PO is involved. There is usually about 100 people that are processed each court day.

On Plea days there are documents called Pre-Sentence Investigations ordered, or a PSI. These are reports done by Adult PO’s. They interview parents, paramours, arresting officer, and the defendant to get a history and the personality of the defendant. This helps the judge determine what sentence he wants to give. These are only for plea cases, and usually for the more serious crimes and third and up DUI charges.

On sentencing days those clients who were given PSI’s, are sentenced. Also some cases that were continued from previous plea days are sentenced. These days the judge also hears appeals. These appeals are usually from SCI’s and imprisonment charges. On these days there are about twenty people being sentenced. Again all those people need to meet with a PO.

Juvenile Court is once per month. On these days the consent decrees are dealt with. Adjudication hearings are scheduled for other days. These usually take hours because there are many witnesses. Also there are many delicate issues because of family patterns. There are usually only ten cases and a few review hearings. Review hearings are three month check-ups on all juveniles in placement. The facilities they are placed in are represented and the court decides whether they should return to placement or go home.