Duties as an Intern

The duties of an intern under Attorney Smith can consist of a wide range of responsibilities, based on the abilities of the intern.  In my own internship I was often assigned to look at case law, read through client's files, and look in law books for statutes pertaining to any pending charges.  As I became more experienced in my research, my responsibilities were expanded.  By the end of my internship I was interviewing witnesses for trial, sitting at the defense table during trial, and even preparing the defense arguments for a case. 

While some of this may not sound like the most exciting work, there are many other things that go along with these duties that make the work interesting.  While putting together the arguments for a case, I was able to read through the file of the man we were representing, Lynn Ross Shilling.  Mr. Shilling purported to be the second coming of Christ Jesus and wanted everyone to know of this.  He wrote letters to all sorts of people, including companies that he felt needed to "see the light", Judge Kurtz, and Attorney Smith.  Reading these letters was entertaining because of some of the claims made in them and because they were written with such frequency, 13 per day, according to Mr. Shilling.  Other enjoyable moments were bantering with Attorney Smith about the cases we were working on and trying to figure out ways in which to defend the case and going through books to dig up any cases or laws that could give us a loophole for the trial.