Huntingdon County Courthouse

This is a picture of the front entrance to the Huntingdon County Courthouse.  The Courthouse is home to a wide variety of county government offices on the first floor, including the Office of the Prothonotary and the Register and Recorder Office.  The second floor of the Courthouse is where court is held.  The Circuit Court is a large courtroom that hears all cases under its original jurisdiction.  These include, but are not limited to, divorces, custody hearings, criminal trials, civil grievances, and DUI cases.  This court is currently overseen by Judge Stewart Kurtz, who has been on the bench since 1992.  There is a much smaller courtroom down the hall from the Circuit Court which is where District Justice Dick Wilt presides.  This court hears cases ranging from traffic stops to any case that has not yet passed on to the Circuit Court for hearing.  There are many other rooms throughout the second floor of the courthouse, including the Law Library, the Jury Room, and the holding cell for prisoners.