Mifflin County Probation/Parole Duties

Adult Officers:
  • Supervise a caseload of about 100 people each
  • Conduct pre-sentencing investigations
  • Supervise People on parole and probation
  • Conduct drug tests
  • Set up Payment agreement plans
  • Officers can be in contact with clients by face-to-face meetings at the office, home of client, place of employment of client, and via phone and letter (In contact 1-2 times per month)
  • Attend court twice a month (Once for pleas and once for sentencing)
Juvenile Officers:
  • Supervise caseload of approximately 25 juveniles each (Up to age18)
  • Write about client's social history, social plan
  • Determine whether clients needs to be sent to placement
  • Visit clients at placements
  • Visit with clients anywhere from once to three times every week (Only once a month if at a placement)
  • Attend court once a month
  • Conduct drug tests