My experience with Private Investigators

    This is a picture of two private investigators that I got know pretty well.  On the right is Jim Ellis, and to his side his "Wink," that is all I know him by.  Jim is from the Altoona area and has done much work for Dave and Huntingdon County.  He graduated from Lycoming College with a major in Criminal Justice.  "Wink" is a retired state cop and does private investigation work as a hobby.  One particular case that they investigated was the Christina Ashton criminal homicide trial.  They interviewed all relatives of both the defendant and deceased.  They found out much information that defense attorney's , Jeff Stover and Dave Smith were unaware of.  They stood my us throughout the whole case.  Their help was much appreciated, as well as expensive. 

    I also went on site with Jim for a day.  We visited Smithfield Correctional Institution.  He referred to me as his junior investigator.  We interviewed five inmates who were witnesses in an inmate/correction officer breakout. The type of interviews were phone interviews separated by fiberglass.  I actually had the opportunity to question the witnesses and interact with them as he would.  This same day I was taken on a tour throughout the Smithfield Correctional Institution. I have seen Jim several times throughout my internship.  He is a well rounded and comical private investigator.  Click here to return to main page.