Interaction in the Judge's Chambers

This is a picture of District Attorney, Bob Stewart, and the Director of Probation, Tim Giesler(sp.?).  Bob Stewart is discussing with Tim and Dave Smith, not pictured, a case regarding a plea of probation. Dave is representing the offender in his case who committed the offense of simple assault.  Tim and Dave agreed that three months probation was acceptable for Dave's client  and Bob is disagreeing.  Bob contended that Dave's client should be imprisoned in the county jail and serve his minimal sentence, followed by a short period of probation.  In the end, Dave got his initial plea of three months probation.  As I indicated before, much backstage interaction occurs in the judge's chambers regarding plea bargains, and other deals related to specific cases.  I was actually taking the picture while they were discussing this case.  Click here to return to main page.